Samantha Womack didn't want to leave EastEnders

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  • 30 October 2017
Samantha Womack as Ronnie Mitchell

Samantha Womack as Ronnie Mitchell

Samantha Womack has admitted she was devastated when she found out she was being axed from 'EastEnders'

Samantha Womack "wasn't planning" to leave 'EastEnders'.

The 44-year-old actress - who was known for playing Ronnie Mitchell in the long-running soap - has admitted she was "devastated" when she found out she was being written out of the soap earlier this year alongside her on-screen sister Rita Simons (who played Roxy Mitchell) because she thought she had a future in Walford.

Speaking on a forthcoming episode of 'John Bishop In Conversation With...', she said: "I was devastated because I wasn't planning to leave.

"I was waiting to meet the new producer [Sean O'Connor], I'd heard he wanted to take it back to kind of reality, less murders. So I met him the first time and he went: 'She's too dark, so we're gonna kill her.' And I was like 'What?!' So yeah, I had to drown myself. That was really hard, having to kill someone that I loved."

Shortly after she left the show, Sean was dropped from the programme due to plummeting viewing figures and replaced with the current executive producer John Yorke - who previously worked on the soap - but she doesn't hold resentment for him.

She said previously: "I'm devastated that they were killed. My heart goes out to him (sacked producer) and everyone struggling in the show. It's full of talented hard working people so I hope they get back on their feet. I have worked in every time of job whether it's TV, film or musical comedy and I thought I'd be prepared. It's not just that, it's also the fact that each time you get a new writer or director on-board they're always trying to change the character so it's trying to hold on to that and fight tooth and nail to keep her authenticity and that's no easy feat - that probably why I was killed."

And Samantha doesn't think Sean is completely to blame for the viewing flop.

She added: "I'm always wary of making one single person a scapegoat. Ideas are brought to him too. It's easy to pin the blame on one person, I don't think it's helpful."

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