Martin Shaw sobbed on the last episode of Inspector George Gently

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  • 30 October 2017
Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw in Inspector George Gently

Martin Shaw sobbed after he wrapped up filming his last ever episode of ' Inspector George Gently' because he never wanted the show to come to an end

Martin Shaw sobbed when he filmed his last ever episode of 'Inspector George Gently'.

The 72-year-old actor, who played the titular role in the longstanding series, didn't think he would feel as emotional as he did when the crew called cut on his last ever scene, but it wasn't until he thanked his cast and creative team that he began to break down in tears.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Monday (30.10.17) about his reaction to the final scenes, he said: "I think we probably held off on the emotion until the actual moment.

"The very last day of filming it was pouring with rain, it was lousy weather, we knew it was coming up and you put it over to a different part of your mind, and then suddenly they shout 'It's a wrap', and then you go 'God'.

"I wasn't going to [give a speech], and then suddenly everyone was around me and I felt I really must say something. What I said was the usual words of appreciation. I have been asked a lot by journalists who knew that it was coming up 'Are you going to be emotional', and I said 'Oh no no it's just the sort of thing that happens'. But half way through thanking everybody I said 'The one thing that's been so important and precious about this has been the professional and friendly relationships.' [I cried]."

However, the television legend has admitted he never wanted his time on the programme to come to an end, and he would have happily continued with the series - although he thinks it was "highly appropriate" the crime drama came to an end after one decade.

He said: "I'm not stopping it.

"Of course I would have continued. However, having said that it's highly appropriate that it should finish. 10 years is a very long time to be doing one thing, so personally, it makes room for other spots. It also means that the people at the BBC have space themselves to do something else, if they want to move on. But it's always associated with regret."

Although Martin didn't want 'Inspector George Gently' to come to an end, he doesn't think his character will ever make a return as a chief constable.

The 'Judge John Deed' star said: "I would have said it would have been unwise [to return as a chief constable]. For me, everything starts and finishes with the script. If there was a scenario where a great script involved a chief constable, that would have been a whole different issue. No, there is no way he could come up."

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