Anastacia struggled to fit in

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 October 2017
Anastacia (c) Carlo Fontana/LittleFishCollective

Anastacia (c) Carlo Fontana/LittleFishCollective

Anastacia admits she has struggled to fit in in the music industry because of her health and personal problems

Anastacia has struggled to find her place in the music industry.

The 'Left Outside Alone' hitmaker admits her struggle with personal issues and health problems including Crohn's Disease, a heart condition, and two bouts of breast cancer, left her feeling "buried" but she's now regained her "power" with her new album, 'Evolution'.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Throughout the last few years I was a little bit buried underneath the unfortunate things I've had to deal with regarding my health. And like everyone else I've had to deal with how the music industry has shifted and trying to figure out where do I go? How do I fit in?

"There's also been a lot of emotional stuff with my friends I've had to deal with and with my loved ones. You sort of have to rebuild after all these things happen, especially after my second cancer I had to rebuild literally and figuratively as a powerful woman, I had to get that power back.

"Being on 'Strictly Come Dancing' helped that, it was another piece of my puzzle which I was putting together which has become my album 'Evolution'. This is what I'm working on to get to the next place, what that will be I don't know. But whatever that next album is or next path is that I go on that will explain what's happening to me then."

The 49-year-old singer is very excited about 'Evolution', which was released last month, because she feels it really tells a story.

She said: "The album is called 'Evolution' and the songs are like chapters, it's like if you were reading a book.

"It starts with 'Caught In The Middle' and it's literally about being caught in the middle of a love relationship, something which means you have to make a decision but it's not a great time to make a decision, like, 'Do I leave? I know this relationship is stale. But if I go off with this other person is it really going to be great?'

"Then the next song 'Red Light' which is a super-bouncy and light love song that is talking about finding love but using a metaphor of finding it in the middle of a highway, it's like you're love stopped me like a red light.

"And it's the same through the album, like the song 'Boxer' is a big anthemic song which I haven't done before, but is very me and it's using metaphors about the way a boxer is in the ring but talking about life as a boxing ring. What you have to do is keep ducking and dodging and weaving to get through to the next round but once you have there's always another round.

"Every time you think you're the winner there's always one more round, but the song has a positive message; I want it to give people the energy to keep going.

"I want people to feel blessed and live in a mindset where you're grateful for what you have, which isn't always easy."

Meanwhile, Anastacia has teamed up with Arctic Circle Diamonds to create a stunning diamond bracelet in support of Cancer Research UK, limited to a production of just 100 pieces.

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