Rachel's llama query

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  • 1 July 2008


Rachel amused the other housemates by asking if llamas have two heads today (3.01pm). The Welsh trainee teacher - who is dressed in a two-headed llama costume along with Kathreya for this week's Big Brother Zoo shopping task - made the comment during a discussion with Mohamed, Darnell and Rex.

She said: "Llamas aren't joined together, are they?"

Darnell - who is dressed as a rabbit and has to eat carrots every 15 minutes for the test - laughed and said: "No. I should throw a carrot at you!"

As Rex continued laughing at her, an embarrassed Rachel replied: "I just wondered where they got the idea for a two-headed llama, that's all."

Trying to clarify her point, she continued: "They now know how rabbits feel because they're eating food like rabbits. You're going to know how kangaroos feel because they box, and then they're going to know how seals feel because they get water chucked on them.

"So I was just wondering, how does this help us know how llamas feel?"

Darnell suggested the costume was probably just picked from a shop.

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