Jack Whitehall's mother 'sneaks' into his home uninvited

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  • 26 October 2017
Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall's mother "sneaks in" to clean his home, but without him knowing, because he is "not very good" at tidying up after himself

Jack Whitehall's mother "sneaks in" to clean his home, but without him knowing.

The 29-year-old comedian has admitted he is "not very good" at tidying up, which he blames on his "very doting mother" Hilary Jane, and he has revealed his parent will creep into his place without warning him to clear up his mess.

The dark-haired funnyman told the Radio Times Online: "I wish I could say that [I'm tidy], but honestly I'm just not very good at cleaning up. It's because I grew up with my very doting mother who did everything for me. Becoming independent has been a long and difficult journey, but she has a key and she still sneaks in and spring cleans sometimes without me knowing."

But the 'Fresh Meat' star has hinted the dark-coloured furnishings in his home "hides various stains" from his mother, and any other guests.

He continued: "It's only one level up from a student house. I've got a dark blue sofa that hides various stains and spillages."

Jack has recently teamed up with his father, Michael, to travel across the globe with one another for their programme 'Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father', but the star feels his dad has "ditched him" now the filming has come to an end and has simply "used" him as a "stepping stone" to further his own career.

He said: "He seems to have ditched me. I keep seeing him doing solo things like Dictionary Corner on 'Countdown' and the 'Celebrity Antiques Road Trip'. I feel like he's used me as a stepping stone and now he's just going to discard me."

But the pair are forced to meet with one another at an upcoming family event, although he has claimed the 77-year-old can be a "social hand grenade".

He explained: "We're off to a family wedding in Dublin this weekend so that'll be interesting. My dad at a wedding can be a bit of a social hand grenade."

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