Jason Gardiner won't bite his tongue on Dancing on Ice

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  • 26 October 2017
Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner

Australian TV star Jason Gardiner has no intention of holding back on the new series of 'Dancing On Ice'

Jason Gardiner has no intention of holding back on the new series of 'Dancing on Ice'.

The outspoken Australian judge previously divided public opinion during his time on the ITV programme and after it was confirmed he is poised to return to the show in 2018, Jason has revealed he'll still be tough on the contestants.

Looking forward to the new series, Jason said: "It's got to the point where people are too scared saying the truth. We are now being forced into censorship at a time when we have the ability to really express ourselves.

"We've become so hypersensitive now about the truth that if you have a strong opinion and you are a public persona then you better have some pretty tough skin, because there are a lot of people ready to come at you."

Jason, 45, said he has been brought back by ITV to offer an honest assessment of how the contestants perform.

And if they fall below his lofty standards, Jason won't be shy in dishing out the criticism.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I will still be honest because I can back up my honesty with technical fact and expertise. Remember, that's all I'm judging. I will judge on their performance and if that critique sometimes is considered too harsh - then tough."

Jason also revealed he doesn't even know who the 'Dancing on Ice' contestants are because he doesn't follow celebrity news.

He said: "I'm judging on a performance. I'm not judging on somebody's life. I don't know who half of them are.

"I do not Google people. I do not research them. If I know them I know them but what I won't obsess on is who they are."

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