Margaret Cho – 'The show is a sickening romp through a vile landscape'

Margaret Cho – 'The show is a sickening romp through a vile landscape'

credit: Albert Sanchez

Ahead of her small but perfectly formed UK tour, the groundbreaking US stand-up, writer and actress chats about which Spice Girl she'd be, taking bad men to task and her love affair with British audiences

In a 2015 article published in W Magazine, Sarah Silverman and Margaret Cho were described as comedians who 'know no boundaries and inspire palpable fear anytime they begin one of their riffs'. While British audiences have previously experienced genuine paroxysms of terror at the thought of Silverman's ticket prices when measured against her onstage time, Cho certainly feels like a dangerous comedy animal. A thorn bush in the side of the establishment and anything that reeks of Conservatism, she rails against injustice and bigotry while advocating various 'alternative sexualities' such as BDSM and polyamory.

So, should we getting worried as she brings Fresh Off the Bloat to the UK? 'I like being scary!' she confirms. 'I think I should have been Scary Spice! It's very exciting to instil fear in people especially as a comedian. That power is very important to wield responsibility, and I use it for good.' Among the good she is doing will be calling out the celebrities who have been exposed for their appalling behaviour and dark-age attitudes in recent times. 'The show is a sickening romp through a vile landscape from Donald Trump to Harvey Weinstein, leaving no stone man unturned. It's not fat shaming: it's shaming the bloated state of our society.'

Cho has been a popular visitor to the UK with past shows such as The Notorious C.H.O., State of Emergency and Cho Dependent. The mutual appreciation society seems to be in full flow. 'UK audiences are very sophisticated because all of their well-loved comedians work on a brand new show every year so they're used to the best. They want performers who rise to the challenge with grace.'

Margaret Cho: Fresh Off the Bloat tours from Saturday 25 November–Sunday 10 December.

Margaret Cho: Fresh Off the Bloat

The pioneering stand-up derives humour from gritty and topical subjects including singlehood, Boko Haram, Caitlyn Jenner's transition and female empowerment.