Tale of modern anxiety in From The Air (3 stars)

A tale of modern anxiety in From The Air

Marriage is less than plane sailing in new PPP comedy-drama

Here is one show with no danger of an Expedia sponsorship. Anita Vettesse's comedy-drama for PPP focuses on Clare (Angela Darcy) who is terrified of aeroplanes and long-suffering husband Pete (David McGowan) and the fact that Clare's flight phobia may be masking something more deep-rooted.

Multimedia is wonderfully deployed, with screens juxtaposing the serene glamour of vintage British Airways advertising with terrible scenes of gory plane crashes. Clare's neurosis runs counter to Pete's rather more quotidian approach to life, and the chasm grows when neither are willing to compromise - she by short-haul flights; he by listening. Can they meet in the middle?

Vettesse's beautifully observed script runs the gamut of emotions, and while Darcy is superb, McGowan is less convincing in the more tense scenes, although a fine comic actor. The tension is further exacerbated when it becomes apparent that Pete's reasons for wanting to go to Tuscany may not be entirely motivated by saving a marriage. It's tense, tender and often excruciatingly funny, but this modern anxiety does often seem like an airborne virus.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 24-28 Oct; Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 1 Oct-4 Nov.

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