TV review: The End of the F***ing World, Channel 4 (3 stars)

TV review: The End of the Fucking World, Channel 4

Edgy adaptation of Charles Forsman's graphic novel about two teenagers who form a close, possibly murderous, bond

'I'm James. I'm 17. And I'm pretty sure I'm a psychopath.' As far as opening lines to a TV series go, this is the kind of doozy that simply guarantees further viewing. But after watching eight parts comprising a far from insurmountable 160 minutes of screen time, the initial barnstorming promise is frittered away, leaving us with a perfectly enjoyable if ultimately less risk-taking venture than it first appeared.

Taken from the 2013 graphic novel by Charles Forsman, The End of the Fucking World's angsty action tilts from the claustrophobic school and home lives of James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden) to become an energetic road movie as these ill-starred companions attempt to break free from their psychological and environmental shackles. Accepting and embracing an outsider status, they hesitantly stagger towards forging some sort of permanent bond: except James' designs towards Alyssa are more murderous than amorous.

Forsman has previously spoken of 1973 movie Badlands being firmly in his mind when he first conceived of his story, and there are also elements of Thelma and Louise and Natural Born Killers as the pair flee from the (less than efficient) authorities when a period of squatting in a well-stocked penthouse goes horrifically wrong. The Peep Show-esque point-of-view technique where the duo's thoughts help nudge the narrative forward is utilised here to some degree of success. But the habit of hearing a thought immediately prior to it being spoken out loud is overdone and wears thin very quickly.

In the final analysis, The End of the Fucking World reflects poorly on parents with all the mums and dads on show having damaged their kids by abandoning them in one form or another. While there's little that could have been improved upon the central performances (Lawther has 'the new Ben Whishaw' stamped all over him), overblown editing choices (the constant quickfire snippets of blood-soaked flashbacks also get on the nerves), and dialogue, that's not as hilarious as it thinks it is, dilute what could have been a moving exploration on how difficult it can be for some teenagers to escape the darker edges of a painful upbringing.

The End of the Fucking World starts on All4, Tue 24 Oct.


1. Sally XX29 Oct 2017, 11:15am Report

The end of the fxxking world is one of the best series I've watched. It was beautifully filmed and acted, just the right amount of comedy to lighten what could have felt too heavy. I loved it so much I can't stop thinking about it.

2. Petediceman12 Nov 2017, 2:46am Report

A refreshing inspired piece of original work at last. Very Highly Recommended. LOVED IT !!!

3. John Sewell13 Nov 2017, 11:18pm Report

...brilliant show. Less than brilliant review. Ho hum.

4. Alex Thomson22 Nov 2017, 10:56pm Report

Like Danny Boyle's "True Romance" if such a thing existed. Very sweet, very fun, great soundtrack and spot-on performances.

5. Seán22 Dec 2017, 10:45pm Report

Couldn't disagree more with the review. I thought it was a phenomenal love and am hoping there'll be a season two.

It's True Romance for the 21st century.

6. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen5 Jan 2018, 9:33pm Report

The reviewer inexpertly redirects this series into an attack on "poorly represented parents" when there were only two children were involved and were the main protagonists of the tale... Series 9/10 for pure brilliance and emotional storytelling... Review 5/10 for the reviewer totally missing the point.

7. William Martin12 Jan 2018, 3:05am Report

I only clicked on this review because it is literally the only bad one, and I had to see what was so bad about the series that someone had to ruin it's 100% rating. "Reflects poorly on parents".... Did you even watch it? I guess it worked, you got your "hit" for the website.

8. Hidalgo Nunez12 Jan 2018, 6:34am Report

brilliant series. clueless review.

9. Bradford Bogan13 Jan 2018, 4:10am Report

I agree and this is my take. The dumbest series I ever watched in my entire life... please anyone read this do not waste 240 minutes of your life on such a pointless, poorly written, disgusting excuse of a television series I have ever seen in my entire 23 years of existence. That is 240 minutes I could have actually been doing something productive, instead I tortured myself, because I wanted to see if anything actually happened. NOTHING HAPPENED. The storyline is bland and barely fits together. It's like an emo 4th grader just learning creative writing skills put it together. There is no humor and that people call it a dark comedy is so misleading. It's like for each scene of each episode a random person who had no contact with any of the other people writing this show was given a broad topic, and they wrote a scene and pieced them together. I regret ever wasting my time in watching it. HOW it got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes completely blows my mind and I now have serious doubts about the credentials of rotten tomatoes now. Long story short, don't waste your life.

10. Grace Moore15 Jan 2018, 6:31pm Report

What time period is this set in? 80’s?

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