Gerard Butler had to add extra action to Geostorm

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  • 21 October 2017
Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was called back for 'Geostorm' reshoots because test audiences didn't think he had enough action scenes

Gerard Butler had to reshoot scenes for 'Geostorm' because fans wanted him to "kick some ass".

The 47-year-old actor plays NASA scientist Jake Lawson, who sets out to save the world from the threat of a deadly super-storm, in the futuristic thriller and he had to return to the set to add in more action scenes in response to feedback from test audiences.

He said: "The test audience said, 'Wait a minute, Gerard Butler isn't kicking ass.'

"So suddenly there's a scene where I'm kicking the s**t out of someone. At one point I had to smash his head into a desk. He smacked his head off a computer and he had a huge welt, but he didn't are."

Gerard enjoyed the role because it was so different to anything else he's played.

He said: "He's kind of the opposite to to most characters I've played, who are more together and focused, which I loved.

"There's a beautiful vulnerability to him. Jake's not an action hero, he's an unlikely hero.

"His heroics come through his mind, as opposed to his physicality.

"He probably wouldn't see himself as courageous and his mind and personality have got him into as much trouble as they have good.

"He can be stubborn, aloof, and he doesn't suffer fools gladly."

The Scottish actor was hooked on the "epic" movie from the minute he read the script.

He told SFX magazine: "It felt very tantalising.

"I love movies with epic proportions and epic ideas.

"Sometimes they don't work, but if they do, you're gonna scare the s**t out of the audience and they're gonna go for a ride and have a great time."

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