Gordon Ramsay feared for his life filming documentary

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  • 20 October 2017
Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsay feared for his life when he filmed his documentary 'Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine', especially when he was handed a gun in case anything "kicked off" when he met the drug gang

Gordon Ramsay feared for his life when he filmed his documentary 'Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine'.

The 50-year-old celebrity chef met with the gang controlling the drug trade in South America for his latest programme, and the star has admitted the area was "very dangerous" because his team were "stitched [up] with a dummy address", but terror set in when he was handed a glock pistol in case anything "kicked off".

Speaking about the experience on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will air on ITV on Saturday (21.10.17), the foul-mouthed culinary mastermind said: "It was very dangerous. We had an amazing fixture on the ground for three months prior to entering into that part of the neighbourhood. Then when we got there we got stitched with a dummy address, spotters all on the roofs, windows down, we had to take off trackers.

"I think for the first time in my life when I walked inside this room, [there were] AK47s to glocks to wraps of coke, bullets sprayed everywhere, in a neighbourhood next to a 'chop house' where they used to take the bodies to chop them. So these three guys, they handed me the glock and I think it was the first time I felt that, 'Damn, if this kicks off, I need a gun.'

"There was a possibility [of me being kidnapped]."

Though Gordon was anxiouS, he tried to put any thoughts of danger to the back of his mind.

The British restaurateur - who has Megan, 19, Holly, 17, Matilda, 15, as well as Holly and Jack, both 17, with his wife Tana - said: "I was with an amazing journalist who has an incredible relationship over the last decade with these guys. He was my benchmark and a great support.

"But I never really wanted to think about that because I wanted to see what happens when these deals get done and what happens when it goes t*ts up, and why there is such violence in this cocaine warehouse inside Andorus and I never wanted to be criticised for tip-toeing over things, I need to get, as you know, straight to the crux."

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