Costume drama

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 July 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates are unhappy with their task costumes. Mother-of-one Jennifer was so upset with the seal outfit she has to wear during this week's Big Brother Zoo shopping task she threatened not to put it on, while the rest of the contestants all think the outfits are too hot.

Earlier this afternoon (1.35pm), Jennifer said: "What the hell is this? It's awful. And then they expect me to wear these vile shoes? I'm not doing that."

Bex - who is also dressing as a seal - told Jennifer she had no choice but to wear the costume, prompting the part-time model to storm off.

Kat - who is a llama for the challenge - was also unhappy with her costume because it did not fit her properly.

The bubbly masseuse was mortified when she realised the leggings were too small for her and sneaked off to ask Big Brother for a larger pair.

Lisa - who is dressed as a bright pink flamingo - was happy with her costume.

She sidled up to her boyfriend Mario and whispered: "Am I am sexy bird?"

Mario responded by giving her a big kiss.

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