One Day Speakers, The (3 stars)

The One Day Speakers

Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh, Thu 7 Dec


Whistlebinkies might not be the most lauded music venue in the capital, but as a jump off for new local bands it serves a useful function. A regular stream of new talent can be found cutting their teeth there most week nights, and for the inquisitive gig goer there’s always the potential reward of catching the next hot young thangs in the ascendancy.

Indie scamp five piece (and Binkies regulars) The One Day Speakers are one such prospect that might just be worth getting your ears round. Despite looking like they’d be lucky to get served at the bar, they fling around influences well ahead of their years: The Clash’s visceral howl meeting Britpop guitars Oasis style in a crude, if catchy, melt. There’s even a little healthy ska pop loll chucked in for good measure. With some refining they could be a band well worth seeking out. You know where to find them.

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