Ola and James Jordan's tour will be 'hot and steamy'

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  • 16 October 2017
James and Ola Jordan

James and Ola Jordan

James and Ola Jordan have said their new tour 'James and Ola: Uncensored' will be a "hot, steamy show" but still "child friendly"

James and Ola want their forthcoming tour to be "hot and steamy."

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' stars will kick off a series of shows called 'James and Ola: Uncensored' at the beginning of next year and, although they're yet to choreograph the routines, they already know the gig will be a saucy love affair.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, James, 39, said: "There still will be the glitz and glamour of 'Strictly' in it but you are also going to have access which others won't. It's based on our story, our life story through dance. We have seen shows going down the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' route but we obviously won't be going down the sexy/kinky route but we will be more edgy and sexier. It's going to be a hot, steamy show."

But, although they want to "push boundaries", the couple - who have been together 18 years and married for 14 - will make it child friendly so that the whole family can watch.

James explained: "We won't be doing 'Fifty Shades of Grey' inspired dancing. But it's very clever. It's still going to be child friendly and still going to be vastly entertaining but it will be a bit more edgy. It' won't be your typical show."

Ola left the BBC show back in 2015 and James left the year before but they both claimed they are excited about dancing with each other again and have "itchy feet".

Ola, 35, said: "We've both got itchy feet because we have been dancing every year for the past 10 years but because now we have the freedom to do what we want in the tour and being called 'Uncensored' I just think we are going to be able to be a little bit more risky and push the boundaries a bit.

"So we are quite excited to be dancing with each other doing what we want to again."

Tickets for 'James and Ola: Uncensored' go on sale on October 20 at www.ticketmaster.co.uk"

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