Casey Batchelor in a secret relationship

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  • 15 October 2017
Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor has been in a secret relationship with an unnamed man for "18 months", and the pair are already talking about marriage

Casey Batchelor has been in a secret relationship for "18 months".

The 33-year-old glamour model has admitted she found love with a mysterious businessman over a year ago, but didn't tell the public at the time because he unnamed male "likes to keep things private".

She told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "We've been together for a while now. I kept quiet about it because he doesn't want to be in the spotlight and likes us to keep things private.

"But it's been 18 months now and we're serious, so I thought it was time to tell Daily Star Sunday readers I'm finally off the market. I'm a bit nervous about everyone finding out because I've always been known as the single girl.

"I feel like I might be devastating the dreams of quite a few men!"

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant won't reveal the identity of her new beau - who hails from Kent - but insists the relationship is so serious, the pair have already begun discussing marriage.

She added: "We've kind of moved in with each other and we have spoken about marriage. We are very much in love, so we're going to see what happens.

"He's really lovely and we get on really well. I think he's going to be the man I'm going to be with for the rest of my life."

Meanwhile, Casey did hint at having a boyfriend earlier this year when she revealed she turned down the opportunity to re-enter the infamous 'Big Brother' house because she was in the early stages of dating.

She said at the time: "They put the feelers out there. I think they asked Lee [Ryan] and he said no, which is understandable. It would have been good to bring me back in. I don't know if I would have done it because of the anxiety. And I've met someone - it's early but I've met someone. I'm best off not being in there right now because I do end up getting myself into trouble."

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