TV review: Bounty Hunters, Sky 1 (2 stars)

TV review: Bounty Hunters, Sky 1

Action sitcom from Jack Whitehall starring Rosie Perez and Robert Lindsay

After the inevitable panel shows it can be hard for comedians to find their place on television. A great stand-up show doesn't necessarily translate into a great a TV show. Jack Whitehall can sell out arenas up and down the country but his acting career has veered wildly from the fantastic Fresh Meat to the, ummm, not so fantastic Bad Education Movie.

Bounty Hunters is his latest creation with regular writing partner Freddy Syborn. It's a typical fish out of water comedy as uptight posh boy Barnaby (Whitehall) ends up working with tough nut bounty hunter Nina (Rosie Perez). The setup features the building blocks of classic farce with misunderstandings, mistaken identities, a bit of slapstick and a dash of sauce with some added jeopardy involving stolen statues, possible connections with ISIS and Barnaby puking all over a murdered corpse.

Bounty Hunters feels very similar to one of Sky's last high concept sitcoms You, Me and The Apocalypse. It also suffers similar problems. There's the same mish mash of American and British stars that never quite mesh together, the US scenes look flat and are obviously filmed in the UK, a few jokes hit their mark but most are kinda limp and lifeless.

Whitehall is a likeable lead but he'd be the first to admit he nearly always plays the same character on screen. So the success of each project really comes down to the writing. Unfortunately Whitehall and Syborn are the duo behind the disastrous Bad Education Movie. Bounty Hunters isn't on the same level of awful – it's amiable, mildly amusing yet instantly forgettable – but the cast deserve better.

Bounty Hunters starts on Sky 1, Wed 25 Oct, 10pm.

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