Douglas Booth says Helen McCrory is a formidably talented actress

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  • 12 October 2017
Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth has admitted he found Helen McCrory to be a "formidably, talented actress" as they worked together on 'Loving Vincent'

Douglas Booth has praised Helen McCrory for being a "formidably talented actress".

The 25-year-old actor is appearing alongside the 'Harry Potter' star in the haunting 'Loving Vincent', which looks at the troubled life and work of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, and Booth admitted he loved working with the all-star cast, but in particular McCrory.

Speaking to, Booth said: "I had a really good time with Eleanor Tomlinson, we had some really nice scenes so I really enjoyed working with her, but also everyone, Saoirse (Ronan), Aidan (Turner), Helen McCrory - I mean I think she's just one of the most formidably talented actresses of her generation, she'd come and she would just do something different on every take.

"So many options and she's just great. Chris O'Dowd - very dry, very funny, so yeah, it was a pleasure, all of it."

The film features around 6,500 frames all hand-painted on canvas in the style of the iconic artist and Booth stars as Armand Roulin, who was famously painted by Van Gogh who wore a bright yellow jacket, as he attempts to deliver the artist's final letter to his brother following his suicide.

Due to the complete uniqueness of the film it took seven years to make altogether but Booth - along with the rest of the cast - were only brought in two years ago.

He said: "I was brought on board - it took seven years to make this movie, from conception to the final project, I got brought in two years ago.

"They got a casting director and they said, 'We have these Van Gogh paintings, who looks like them?' And then they approached me. They approached Saoirse, Helen, Chris, Eleanor, Aidan and we came on and we shot it in about three and a half, four weeks, very quickly, [we] didn't have much money, in three studios and we shot a little bit in Poland."

'Loving Vincent' is slated for release this October.

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