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  • 3 July 2008

Daedelus - Love to Make Music To (Ninja Tune) This leftfield hip hop doyen takes a few trips into the unknown, expanding his repertoire of beats bleats and cuts into hunks of textured, hypnotic, mirthful magic.

Our Sleepless Forest - Our Sleepless Forest (Resonant) So you’re a new age raver whose idea of paradise is a party on a warm beach. On the way, you die and find yourself in the great chill out room in the sky. And as you meet your maker, this is what will be playing. Sublime.

Night Noise Team - Ronde De Nuit (Perm Whale) Two international interlopers have arrived in Leith with a cracking wee album influenced by more than a little Bowie.

Wounded Knee - Mystic Mixtape (Shazzblat) More shamanic, beguiling oddness from this prolific local tinkerer. Unpredictable, lo-fi, and kind of fascinating for a reason we can’t quite fathom.

q without u - Shut up! I invented you (Qwithoutu) Potentially, the kind of self-depreciating indie tykes that could annoy the arse off you with the “no really, I couldn’t” modesty. In fact, they’re not modest at all and have a whole heap of rousing tunes which jangle and soar in all the right places.

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