Karthik Nagesan wants to be an actor

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  • 12 October 2017
Karthik Nagesan

Karthik Nagesan

Karthik Nagesan is hoping to become an actor and has been having lessons from Shaun Williamson

Karthik Nagesan wants to become an actor.

The former 'Apprentice' star hit the headlines last year when he rubbed Lord Sugar up the wrong way during the business series, but he has admitted his love for television has grown deeper since taking part in 'Celebrity Big Brother' this year and he's now keen to explore it further and has been receiving acting lessons from his co-star Shaun Williamson, who was known for playing Barry Evans in 'EastEnders'.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: "One of the people I did connect with [in the house] was Shaun, and I am in touch with Shaun Williamson.

"I'm asking him for acting tips because the way I see it, the celebrity life for me is supposed to work out instead of me going back into IT and focusing on business, which I am anyway. I have to learn acting and try presenting. I have an agent who is out there trying to get me a gig if I'm famous enough. And I said to Shaun, 'Can you give me some tips? How do I get into acting?' Theatre, film, TV, I want to give it a shot and see if I'm any good so he's guiding me on that."

Fans noticed that Karthik - known for his monobrow - was a lot quieter and chilled out when he competed in 'Celebrity Big Brother', but he has admitted that was a strategic move because he wanted to make sure he didn't destroy his future TV career.

The 33-year-old star explained: "I've got something to lose, if I come out of the 'Big Brother' house and my celebrity career doesn't take off, if I don't get a presenting gig or a writing gig or as a travel presenter or a show host or something, which is what I want to do, then I have to go back to IT.

"And if I say or do something that is uncouth or unacceptable to the general society in the 'Big Brother' house, I could become unemployable."

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