Björk has flute obsession

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 October 2017


Björk really enjoyed incorporating the flute into her forthcoming album 'Utopia'

Björk is obsessed with the flute.

The Icelandic singer was forced to learn the harmonious instrument as a child because her mother couldn't afford the oboe and, at the time, thought it was really "uncool", but she has thoroughly enjoyed incorporating the sound into her forthcoming ninth album 'Utopia' and revisiting something she once hated.

Speaking to W magazine, she said: "Well, I wanted to learn the oboe as a child and my mother couldn't afford it so I learned the flute and a little bit had this strange immature feeling that it was my second choice for the six or eight years I studied it, depending how you count (recorders included or not).

"But it was crazy for this album now coming back to it after all those years later, like looking at a not so cool part of my childhood, flutes were always a bit naff, and looking at it so much later through a timeglass and seeing another thread and linking it together and bringing it forth to now."

'Utopia' will be the follow up to her 2015 experimental electronica album 'Vulnicura' and, after keeping fans waiting for almost two years, she has confirmed the LP is finally ready for release on November 1 after she finished up in the studio recently.

She explained: "I've been in the studio a little too long sooo I'm all sleepy but happy here, just having sent the last files to mastering, album ready (sic)."

The 51-year-old singer has once again worked with Alejandro Ghersi - also known as aka Arca - who co-produced on the album.

She said: "At the end of 'Vulnicura' I felt a deep musical connection with him. I felt guilty having dragged him through such a dramatic and difficult subject matter and that we had earned a lightness. I can merge with a male producer and not be paranoid about being typecast as just the vocalist and so on."

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