JP Cooper and Kojey Radical record live-to-vinyl

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  • 11 October 2017
JP Cooper and Kojey Radical

JP Cooper and Kojey Radical

JP Cooper has teamed up with hip-hop star Kojey Radical to record his first-ever live-to-vinyl recording at Abbey Roads Studios in partnership with Hennessy Cognac

JP Cooper has recorded a "live-to-vinyl" for a new partnership between Hennessy Cognac and Abbey Road Studios.

The 'She's On My Mind' hitmaker teamed up with a collaboration with hip-hop star Kojey Radical.

The two artists headed to the famous London studios - where The Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded - to lay down the track as part of 'Masters of Potential', a new partnership between Abbey Road and the whisky.

A panel of music industry experts will be uniting further top artists for exciting collaborations as the partnership continues.

JP said: "We're gonna be recording some very very live versions of songs for 'Masters of Potential' - and we're gonna be recording live to vinyl, which is a first for me.

"You get some really amazing results when you mix [it] up with somebody who's coming from a very different world, whether it's sonically, whether it's where your message is coming from, just artistically in general it's an amazing thing to see [the results] when you collaborate with other people.

"The song we're doing is about having a party for the end of a relationship ... which is actually quite weird.

"For people to be able to come in here and still feel the spirit of the place [Abbey Road], I think it's an incredible initiative.

"Hennessy and Abbey Road have got an incredible history in music. it's a real honour to finally be asked to be a part of that."

JP's 10-piece band joined the pair to exclusively record the first and only live performance of the song 'Party' as the first instalment in the 'Masters of Potential' series. The double-sided vinyl will also feature a live performance of 'She's On My Mind'.

A video of the live-to-vinyl recording of 'Party' can be found here:

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