Sharleen Spiteri - Melody (3 stars)

Sharleen Spiteri - Melody

(Mercury Records)


What’s the difference between Glasgow act Texas and its frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri? If listening to the latter’s debut solo album is any clue: very little. Wearing her Dusty Springfield influences proudly on her sleeve (once again!), the sultry Spiteri pops back to the Brill-Building and Motown days of the early 60s, her consuming passions showcased on ‘Stop I Don’t Love You Anymore’ and the Shangri-Las-esque single, ‘All The Times I Cried’. With 20 years in the business, progress and originality have never been strong points for Sharleen and Co, but if retro-pop be your bag, ‘It Was You’ (co-produced with Bernard Butler) and the Nancy Sinatra-cloned rock’n’roller ‘I’m Going To Haunt You’ (featuring the twangs of former Los Straitjackets geezer, Kaiser George) might just be your cup of tea.

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