Marnie Simpson wants to elope

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  • 11 October 2017
Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson thinks she'll run abroad and get married when she's ready to tie the knot

Marnie Simpson wants to elope.

The 'Geordie Shore' star is currently dating former Stereo Kicks singer Casey Johnson and she can see herself following the likes of singer Charlotte Church, who it was recently revealed had tied the knot with long-term partner Jonathan Powell in secret.

She said: "It's lovely that Charlotte Church married Jonathan Powell in secret. I'd definitely do something like that. I can see myself running away to Las Vegas for a quickie ceremony and I reckon Casey would be up for it too."

The 25-year-old star got together with Casey, 22, on new reality show 'Single AF' but was hesitant about getting involved with him because she thought he was "too young".

She said: "I did think he was gorgeous looking but he's the opposite of the sort of guy I would normally go for, so I was kind of battling it. I usually like lads who are much older, so I wasn't sure how I felt in the beginning. I always thought that he looked too young for us and he just wasn't for me. But then I fell for him! I couldn't help it."

Things are getting serious between the couple and Marnie admitted she would even consider quitting 'Geordie Shore' for the sake of their romance.

Asked if she'd leave for Casey, she told Star magazine: "If I felt like something serious had happened then of course, yeah.

"I've always said if it was causing problems or if my relationship grew into something serious then I would. But I wouldn't want to quit unless I had to."

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