Natty - Man Like I (4 stars)

Natty - Man Like I

(Atlantic Records)


Reggae music has taken many diversions since its heyday in the 60s and 70s. Its newest purveyor, Natty – a 24 year-old former mixer turned guitar-plucking singer-songwriter – chooses to smooth out the genre’s rougher edges, while declaring his love of soul through some summery pop lyrics.

Like his dapper moniker, the North Londoner is the brightest spark in his proverbial tower block. Check out the savvy ‘Cold Town’, an anthem indeed for every ‘oodie’, the self-explanatory ‘Stoned on You’ and the sun-drenched opener ‘July’. For the more thought-provoking among you, listen to ‘Revolution’, ‘Badman’, ‘Burn Down this Place’ and album closer ‘Say Bye Bye’.

Now, just where did I put that Eagle-Eye Cherry album?

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