XX Teens - Welcome to Goon Island (3 stars)

XX Teens - Welcome to Goon Island



Musical eccentricity in new acts is a marvellous quality, but only if they have the songwriting prowess to back it up. This debut offering by XX Teens is a diverse bag of aforementioned oddity and thrillingly experimental attitudes to both production and instrumentation. We get steel drums, sitars, squelchy samples, horns, harmonicas, harps and even the occasional birdsong here – all of which work wonderfully with the London quintet’s edgy riffs, deranged basslines and Mark E Smith-inspired vocals.

But killer creations such as ‘The Way We Were’, ‘Round’, ‘Ba (Ba-Ba Ba)’ and ‘Darlin’’ are let down by a smattering of directionless filler tracks which sadly sour the whole affair. On the whole though, this is promising stuff.

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