Ruth Langsford steals blonde wig off Strictly Come Dancing

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  • 9 October 2017
Ruth Langsford's Strictly Come Dancing rumba

Ruth Langsford

Ruth Langsford has kept the blonde wig she wore on 'Strictly Come Dancing' on Saturday (07.10.17) because she "loves" the hair piece and has never had long hair before

Ruth Langsford has kept the blonde wig she wore on 'Strictly Come Dancing' on Saturday (07.10.17).

The 57-year-old television presenter adorned a false hair piece during her rumba on the weekend, and the star - who has been paired with dance professional Anton Du Beke on the popular BBC One dance competition - has sneakily taken the hair extensions home with her, although all of the contestants are forbidden from leaving the studio with their costumes.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Monday (09.10.17), the 'This Morning' co-host said: "You can't take nothing.

"I am just borrowing it. Because I love it so much."

And Ruth has revealed she was "swishing" her long locks for the entire day prior to her performance because she has never had long hair and was not used to the style.

She continued: "[It felt] amazing. I have never had longhair in my life. My hair is so fine. I grow it to about here [shoulder length].

"I did swishing literally all day. I had the wig on from about 9o'clock in the morning and the whole time I was doing a lot of [swishing]. But I realised when you eat you have to put your hair to one side. I loved it. "

And Ruth was not the only person who enjoyed the makeover, as husband Eamonn Holmes also "loved" her new do.

She said: "He [Eamonn] loved it."

Ruth has insisted she will return the wig, and has joked the reason she still has the item is because she is "a bit forgetful".

She said: "I am bringing this one back 'Strictly', I promise. I am just being a bit forgetful."

However, Ruth plans to steal more wigs over the coming weeks.

She said: "I am taking a wig home every week."

Ruth also slipped into a glamorous evening dress featuring a daring thigh-high split to transform into a Bond girl, and she had to "warn" her 15-year-old son Jack in advance that she would be wearing the provocative attire and would be carrying out certain gestures during the routine, much to his disapproval.

She said: "I did warn him [son] I said 'I have got to warn you at the very first I am supposed to be a bit [raunchy], and I have to do this [pose].' And he said 'Oh mum'."

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