Joe McFadden has no energy for Strictly romance

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  • 9 October 2017
Joe McFadden

Joe McFadden

'Holby City' actor Joe McFadden insists he doesn't have the "energy" or time for a relationship on 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Joe McFadden doesn't have the "energy" for a hot romance on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 'Holby City' star - who is currently single - insists he won't be finding love on the BBC One latin and ballroom show because he just doesn't have time to fit a romance around his training.

He said: "I don't know when anyone would have the time for romance, to be perfectly honest.

"I get home at night and I'm exhausted. All I can do is get myself something to eat and then fall into bed. Sometimes I have time for a hot bath, but that's about it. I can't imagine having the energy for anything else."

And the 42-year-old actor was romantically linked to fellow 'Strictly' star Mollie King and whilst he was "very flattered" by it, he insists it isn't true.

He added: "The Mollie King report was ridiculous. Just because we were stood rehearsing a dance one day, a certain newspaper decided that we must be together. I found it very flattering that anyone would even entertain that idea but it's absolute nonsense. Nope, that's not on the cards for me on this show - certainly not."

Joe hasn't been in a relationship "in recent times" and puts it down to working too hard.

He shared: "I don't know why I'm single. I must be unlovable, I don't know. Who knows?

"Maybe I work too hard. I've not been in a relationship in recent times. No, I've been working very hard in Holby and committing my time to that."

And with some 'Strictly' training under his belt, Joe is hoping to woo the ladies with his dance moves at the local nightclub in a bid to find a girlfriend.

He quipped to the Daily Record newspaper: "Maybe I'll unleash my new dance moves on the local nightclub at Christmastime and see what happens."

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