The Ex-Men - A Life of Love (1 star)

The Ex-Men - A Life of Love

(Beanstalk Records)


At first, I took this to be a spoof. Why else would anyone rhyme ‘expressionism’ with ‘jism’? What possible other reason could there be for someone to warble ‘a word is a picture/made out of sound/a sound you can draw/in ink on the page,’ as the lead guy does here on ‘Wordcage’. Other ‘tracks’ have titles such as ‘Suck Her’, ‘Now!’ and ‘C’est Pas Grave’. Yes, that one is spoken in French. But then the truth dawned: these people are actually completely, totally, deadly serious. This ‘spoken electro’ outfit were described by a reputable Sunday as ‘Underworld after six pints of mild.’ I think I’d rather live out the rest of my days high on skag than allow The Ex-Men to sully my senses ever again.

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