Jamie Laing thinks about quitting Made in Chelsea

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  • 9 October 2017
Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing has admitted he toys with the idea of quitting 'Made in Chelsea' every day but talks himself out of it because he gets paid to hang out with his friends

Jamie Laing thinks about quitting 'Made in Chelsea' "every day".

The 28-year-old reality star admitted he regularly thinks about walking away from the camera, but knows he's in a great position because he has a lot of fun and is simply getting paid to "hang out" with his friends.

Asked if he's every tempted to leave, he said "Oh, every day. But this show is so much fun and you get paid to hang out with your mates. There are worse jobs to have."

Jamie split from girlfriend Frankie Gaff over the summer and is finding it much more difficult to bounce back from their break-up than he ever did when he was younger.

He told new! magazine: "It's hard. [Being single is] not as easy as I remember it being when I was younger. Girls are scary!

"Frankie and me are fine with each other but it can be a bit awkward."

Meanwhile, Jamie's best friend Spencer Matthews has found love with his 'The Jump' co-star Vogue Williams and his pal is delighted for them.

Jamie said: "He really does love her and she's wonderful.

"They're moving in together and she doesn't take any of his s**t."

Shortly before his year-long relationship with Frankie came to an end, Jamie had discussed his desire to settle down and have a large family.

Asked if an engagement is on the cards, he said: "Potentially. I want the whole shebang. A family is the most amazing thing we can achieve. I'll definitely do it the traditional way and get married first. I love kids and want 12."

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