Shane Richie's drinking destroyed marriage

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  • 8 October 2017
Shane Richie

Shane Richie

Shane Richie has admitted his drinking and wild partying signalled the end of his marriage to Coleen Nolan

Shane Richie's drinking caused the breakdown of his marriage to Coleen Nolan.

The 'EastEnders' star - who was married to the 'Loose Women' panelist from 1990 to 1999 and has two sons, Shane Jr., 29, and Jake, 25, with her - admits his boozing spiralled out of control when his ego had "taken over" and he regrets his wild partying now.

He said: "I lost my first wife through my drinking. A bottle of Jack [Daniel's] and I was off...

"By 1996 my ego had taken over. I was getting a police escort to nightclubs. I'd be thinking, I'm 30, I've got bad skin but all these girls are screaming for me outside.

"It went to my head and I was a bit out of control.

"I'd just had a Daz ad where they paid me a load of money and I thought I was sorted for life, that it was going to last for ever. I believed the hype and I do regret that now.

"I was lying to myself about the drinking and the women, thinking I was pulling the wool over the public's eyes. I'd be on TV advocating monogamy (on his marital game show 'Love Me Do') while I was having an affair, for God's sake."

The 53-year-old actor-turned-singer - who also has children Mackenzie, 11, Lolita, nine, and Romany-Skye, six, with current wife Christie Goddard - admitted it was "tough" reflecting on his alcohol issues in new song 'The Bottle's Not Your Friend'.

He said: "It was tough to write. It's pretty personal. 'It won't keep you warm and it won't have your back in a fight.' That's what it is about."

Meanwhile, Shane is a big fan of British TV but is shocked by some current programming.

He told Event magazine: "Have you seen 'Naked Attraction'? It's 'Blind Date' with your c**k out. What Cilla would've made of it, I don't know but that's what you're up against now, so to speak."

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