Infadels - Universe in Reverse (4 stars)

Infadels - Universe in Reverse

(Wall of Sound)


Indie festive season is in full swing and the Infadels’ reinvention proves they’re wise to it. On Universe in Reverse, producer Youth turns their sound upside down, taking them out of the rave fields and into the main arena. After months on the road, their storming return is signalled by the drum-rolls of their sophomore’s opener. But it doesn’t stop there. Every song is a fiercely electrifying, well-crafted and memorable winner. Stand-outs include the anthemic adrenalised single ‘Make Mistakes’, the lyrically fantastic ‘Play Blind’ and chorus-heavy ‘Free Things for Poor People’. With crowd pleasers aplenty, gut-busting vocals, revved up guitars and infectious beats, this is one party the indie kids won’t want to miss. Their radio-friendly sound has universal appeal and begs to secure their prominence.

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