The Strypes: Our tour rider always includes socks

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  • 7 October 2017
The Strypes

The Strypes

The Strypes' drummer Evan Walsh has revealed the group always have socks on their rider because they cannot get enough of the feet clothing

The Strypes always have socks on their rider.

The Irish rockers don't go too wild with their pre-gig requests, but the four-piece cannot get enough of the foot clothing because they are always losing their socks and need a constant change due to the effort they put into their tour performances.

Drummer Evan Walsh exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Our rider is fairly standard, but one piece of handy advice we were given was to put socks on the rider. You can never have enough pairs of socks.

"We have a constant stream of needing new socks. That's probably the most unusual thing.

"You lose socks, sometimes you just want socks and they're there.

"I think it was a tour manager down the line who gave us the advice.

"Being in a band and touring in a band is such a practical affair ... the actual nuts and bolts of it you're just thinking about day to day things."

Evan admitted the group - also made up of frontman Ross Farrelly, guitarist Josh McClorey and bassist Pete O'Hanlon - are "all really good friends" but joked there could be some disputes if they started to receive multi-coloured socks on their rider.

He quipped: "We all have a mid-set sock change. I try to stick to the one pair but we get a few packets backstage which is nice.

"The socks are all black. There's no f***ing around. Once you get into colours you get personal taste and there's only going to be a row with that.

"I couldn't have those day of the week socks. You end up totally f***ing up thinking it's Friday and you're missing something important.

"It's already pretty difficult trying to remember what day of the week it is."

The Strypes are currently on tour and Evan had admitted that things can get pretty "crazy" at some of their shows.

He added: "We've had absolutely nuts experiences from crowds, especially around the north of England. They've got the mosh pit down to a fine art.

"There's been some fantastic experiences of late.

"One of the UK tours there wasn't a single night where Pete didn't leap into the crowd at the end of the night."

The Strypes are currently on tour until October 12. Tickets available at

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