Reese Witherspoon driven to make better parts for women

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  • 7 October 2017
Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon stepped into producing when she realised there were a lot of poor parts for women

Reese Witherspoon moved behind the camera when she found out actresses were fighting over a "terrible" script.

The 'Home Again' actress decided it was time to get into producing and directing when she realised there were few great opportunities for women to look "inspiring" on screen and was determined to create the roles she was looking for for other people.

She said: "About five years ago, I got a script that was probably the worst script I've ever read.

"I called my agent and said, 'This is just terrible, I don't want to do this movie.'

"He said, 'Every actress in Hollywood wants this part.'

"That lit a fire under me and I still said, 'This isn't good enough. This isn't good enough for those actresses who have worked all their lives, they are the industry leaders and they are also who we look at to emulate.'

"I believe if you see women on film, who you respect and admire, acting stupid and doing bad parts, that's just not inspiring.

"So I set out with a goal to create better roles for women, more opportunities for female directors and female screenwriters and it's been a great thing."

But Reese admits it hasn't been an easy journey, though she thinks it is all worthwhile.

She added: "It's hard.

"In fact, I self-funded a company for five years but it feels like the next chapter of my life and what I'm supposed to be doing."

The 41-year-old star recently enjoyed success with 'Big Little Lies', which she produced and starred, in and she was shocked at how popular the TV miniseries proved to be.

She told LOOK magazine: "I think the reaction to 'Big Little Lies' was unexpected and it definitely was an extraordinary reaction.

"I don't think we ever thought this many people would watch it or enjoy it."

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