Hedrons, The

The Hedrons

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 11 Jan


How long has rock’n’roll been going now? It’s 2007, ferchrissakes, and yet there still aren’t nearly enough girls with guitars kicking out the jams. Over half a century of riffing guitars, rattling drums and throbbing bass since Chuck Berry invented the damn racket, and still rock’n’roll remains predominantly the domain of posing, preening blokes.

The Hedrons aren’t going to completely turn this situation around on their own, but they’re gonna have one hell of a good time trying. The Glasgow foursome stick to the classic rock formula, consisting of Tippi (vocals and guitar), Rosie (guitar), Chi (bass) and Soup (drums), and in an age dominated by jerky new wave and jangly guff, they’re refreshingly old school in their approach to making a damn fine racket.

Sounding like the evil spawn of The Stooges, The Runaways and The Ramones, The Hedrons release their third single, ‘Heatseeker’, this month and are in the middle of a massive UK tour to punt it. Their full-on live shows have already become notorious, and they have enough on-stage sass to fill the likes of Wembley.

Whether that comes to pass remains to be seen. Meanwhile there’s a debut album, One More Won’t Kill Us, in the pipeline, and a whole heap of on-the-road antics to get involved in. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re launching an assault on the virtual world too, recently becoming the first UK band to play a gig in virtual gaming world Second Life. Whatcha reckon Chuck Berry would make of that?

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