Spencer Matthews to quit reality TV

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  • 6 October 2017
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews has decided to turn his back on reality TV next year because he's getting too old for it

Spencer Matthews is quitting reality TV.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star turns 30 next year and thinks the time is right to focus on more serious pursuits, so his stint on 'Five Star Hotel' - which sees reality stars attempt to be hoteliers - will be his final true life show.

He said: "Doing 'Five Star Hotel' is really fun but you find yourself wondering why you're still doing reality TV at my age, to be honest. So I'd say this will be my last reality show. I'd like to do more presenting work, conceptualise my own ideas and maybe start a production company. I've always thought when you turn 30 that's when you become a real adult."

And after finding love with Vogue Williams, 31, when they took part in 'The Jump' earlier this year, the party-loving star thinks it's time to settle down and lead a quieter life.

He said: "I'm 30 next year and I've always thought that would be a sensible age to hang up your boots - it just came a year early. Vogue and I fell in love after 'The Jump' and I don't think either of us was expecting it.

"Quite a few of my friends have got engaged and of course it makes you think. I just really respect Vogue, she's a hard-working woman who doesn't take any nonsense.

"I've had my fair share of fun and found myself a really lovely woman, it would be a great shame to mess it up and lose her, so I just don't see the point."

And Spencer thinks his past relationships - including with fellow 'MIC' stars Caggie Dunlop, Louise Thompson and Lauren Hutton - went wrong partly due to his desire to show good TV.

He told Closer magazine: "I don't have hard feelings against any of my exes.

"When you're making reality TV at a young age your head is all over the place and you're keen to make as exciting a show as possible and unfortunately that can result in hurting people's feelings. But I think everyone has grown up now."

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