Warren Brown did his own stunts on Strike Back

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  • 5 October 2017
Warren Brown

Warren Brown

Warren Brown did "95 percent" of his own stunts on 'Strike Back', but luckily only sustained a splinter and a broken toe

Warren Brown did "95 percent" of his own stunts on 'Strike Back'.

The 39-year-old actor stars as Sergeant Daniel 'Mac' Macallister in the Sky One SAS drama which hits screens later this month, and has said that whilst he was given a stunt double during the production, he joked that he tried to keep them "as unemployed as possible" as he wanted to perform the dangerous tricks himself.

He said: "I do have a stunt double but I try to keep them as unemployed as possible. We had amazing doubles that worked on Game of Thrones, but we still did about 95 percent of the stuff ourselves. That said, there's still certain things you say: 'You can do that mate, I'll be over here...'."

The 'Luther' star didn't put himself in any danger though, as he admits the only injuries he endured were a splinter and a broken toe, which he sustained during a fight with his dressing room door.

When asked what the worst injury he suffered on set was, Warren admitted: "All I got myself to be honest was a splinter. Actually, I also broke my toe after I kicked my dressing room door in a state of undress when rushing to the loo, but that was it. Six whole months of special forces and all I had to show for it was a splinter and a broken toe."

And Warren admits he had a "great" time filming the drama - which is a reboot of programme of the same name shown on Sky One from 2010 to 2015 - and likened the set to "playing army" when he was younger, only this time he got paid to do it.

Speaking to Radio X presenter Gordon Smart for the third episode of online music programme 'Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV', Warren said: "I've literally just got back from filming the show in Jordan, Budapest and then Croatia. The show is all about the special forces trying to save the world, so every day I was trying to do just that - it was great. We were in Jordan flying around in Black Hawk helicopters, one day we went training with the Jordanian special forces and got to fire live weapons. It's like playing army when you're a kid, but for real ... and you get paid for it."

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