Gemma Collins fears she's entering menopause

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  • 5 October 2017
Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Reality TV star Gemma Collins is worried she is entering the menopause because she is in her thirties and can't stop "yawning."

Gemma Collins thinks she is going through early menopause.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star has opened up about her fears that she may be entering the period in a woman's life where their periods stop and their hormones fluctuate -

causing women usually aged between 48 and 55 to have sleep problems, hot flashes, weight gain and a slowed metabolism - because she can't stop yawning.

Speaking to her pal Chloe Sims on the reality series, which aired last night (04.101.17), the 36-year-old star said: "I'm not in my twenties anymore, in fact actually I want to go and get menopause tested. Chloe we're in our thirties we could hit menopause any minute, this is why I might be yawning so much!"

The thought of going through early menopause is no doubt frightening to the curvaceous blonde as she has made no secret of the fact she wants to have a baby.

And, although she's still single, Gemma was even keen to have a gastric band fitted, which involves putting an adjustable ring around the top of your stomach to prevent overeating, in order to lose weight and fulfill her dreams of having a family of her own.

A source said previously: "Gemma knows she's run out of excuses. She's determined to get control over her weight and face up to the reality that she's big because she eats too much. Gemma feels she won't find love if she doesn't do something drastic and thinks her only option is a gastric band. She knows she's not getting any younger and has been told she could develop fertility problems due to her weight."

Last year, Gemma revealed that she'd suffered a miscarriage in 2012 and believes it was punishment for aborting her baby previously.

She said at the time: "I do feel guilty. What if I can never have a baby now? The miscarriage feels like God's way of punishing me."

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