Miranda Hart 'thinking' of sitcom return

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  • 5 October 2017
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart has admitted she's thinking about writing another series of her hit comedy show 'Miranda'

Miranda Hart is "thinking about" bringing back her self-titled comedy show.

The 44-year-old actress has admitted she's toying with the idea of writing another series of the sitcom, which came to an end two years ago, after her co-star Tom Ellis - who plays bar worker Gary Preston - gave her an idea for a new storyline.

Speaking on BBC's 'The One Show', she said: "The lovely Tom Ellis was saying... that he'd like to see Miranda and Gary married.

"Now he's got me thinking! There's a thought there, to explore the comedy of marriage. Particularly early life marriage and how that would work. I'd quite like to see that."

The 38-year-old dark-haired hunk set tongues wagging earlier this year when he teased that he was planning to meet with the 'Spy' star to discuss a follow-up.

He explained at the time: We may be revisiting 'Miranda' in the next couple of years. She is wonderful. I'm going to see her in the next few weeks."

It was rumoured that Miranda was keen to turn the show into a blockbuster, but she has shot down those reports as she doesn't think a film would work for the characters.

Asked if there would be a movie version of 'Miranda', she previously said: "I considered it and worked towards writing a script. Then I kept thinking, these films never work. The transition from a studio sitcom to a film never works - 'The Inbetweeners' is a perfect example of it working brilliantly, because it was filmic anyway. But what are [the characters] doing on location? And we're not hearing laughs [from the audience], so it's such a different thing."

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