Bobby Davro's closeness to ex-wife causes problems

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  • 4 October 2017
Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro's girlfriend doesn't understand his relationship with his ex-wife because he is still very close to her

Bobby Davro's girlfriend doesn't understand his relationship with his ex-wife.

The former 'EastEnders' actor - who briefly split from long-term partner Vicky Wright earlier this year - has tried to maintain a friendship with his former spouse Trudi Jameson for the sake of their three daughters because his family will always come first, but he admitted that hasn't been easy for his girlfriend.

He said: "I have a co-dependence problem.

"When I got divorced, I made a promise, as did my ex-wife, that we'd try and be friends and we thought that was good for our children and that's what I've done.

"However, it causes great problems with me because I'm close to my ex-wife, it caused problems with my girlfriend, Vicky.

"It's difficult for her to understand I need something else in my life, and that's my family. It's about including my children in my life, which is my priority...

"The way I'm living my life is I wanted to live it as a family, it comes before anything, and its difficult for the woman in my life to understand that. Maybe my mistake [was] to include my ex-wife as part of my family."

The 59-year-old comic discussed his heavy alcohol consumption on an upcoming episode of 'In Therapy', but he insists he doesn't have a drink problem, even though he agreed to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (04.10.17), he said: "I haven't got a drink problem, what I have is I drink too many units.

"In my eyes I'm not an alcoholic, but I thought I'd go along and see where I stand in the grand scheme of things.

"There's people who don't drink at all, people like me in the middle, functional alcoholics, and people at the other end who cannot function without alcohol.

"I've been drinking 14 units a day, I don't drink til the evenings but I'll have a glass of wine if I go out for lunch, but I won't drink and drive."

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