Kevin McDermott (4 stars)

Kevin McDermott

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Mon 23 Jun


‘Was that good?’ says the chipper Scots musician early on in his set, and 20 years into his career as a singer-songwriter. ‘I thought so,’ he adds, tongue in cheek. ‘And I liked the guitar solo.’

But he has every right to be proud of his roster of consistently perfectly-crafted rock songs, often reminiscent of Crowded House siblings Neil and Tim Finn’s work together as The Finn Brothers, with a bit of Dylan and even Simple Minds thrown in for good measure.

Songs from various stages of his career rub shoulders during the set with ‘Wise to the Fade’ setting the pace, followed by ‘Diamond’, ‘Spider Spinning’ and ‘Watching Cartoons’, and both his voice and his backing are as muscular as the watertight songwriting.

The crowd responds with equally solid devotion, with the blues-rock feel taking a backseat for a solo acoustic interlude which sees the pace slow and includes ‘Til the Bough Breaks’.

But the wisecracking banter returns as he is joined again by his band for an invigorating finale that is electric in every sense of the word.

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