Doctor Foster has the 'potential' for another series

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  • 4 October 2017
Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones

Writer Mike Bartlett has claimed that 'Doctor Foster' has the "potential" to return for a third series

'Doctor Foster' has the "potential" to return for a third series.

Writer Mike Bartlett has admitted that the BBC drama series starring Suranne Jones is far from certain to return to TV screens in the coming years, but he acknowledged that there is scope to make more episodes, with some questions remaining unanswered.

Reflecting on the finale to series two, Mike said: "You can see the ending. Tom's gone. So there's a question mark. In a way that is a question mark at the end. And I think it works as an end to this series and all the things that have been going on. Clearly there's potential there. But obviously there would have to be lots of conversations.

"We need to talk - Suranne and I and lots of other people need to have lots of conversations and we'll see."

Meanwhile, Mike also revealed he originally had a different ending for the second series, admitting the storyline of Tom's disappearance only emerged as he was writing.

He confessed: "The ending of the show unfolded as I was writing it.

"In the plan he's in the car at the end. They go back to her house and get a new kitchen and try to build a life.

"It was only when I went to write it that she goes back to the car and he's not there. But that happened very organically from what he has been through I think."

And Mike admitted he tried to remain in the present throughout the writing process, meaning he hasn't already developed a "big master plan" for another series.

He told "I think it's important with this show that you stay in the present. It's not a show where you are seeding lots of things for some future thing. And that's never been the point of it.

"Part of the reason I don't massively do a big master plan for it is that no one in the show has that. And it's all about the present moment and what it feels like to go through this."

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