Kid Canaveral (3 stars)

Kid Canaveral

Henry’s Cellar Bar, Fri 20 Jun


Henry’s, for all its charms, is hardly the most sparkly place in town. However, bringing a solid dose of summer to the venue’s dimly lit confines, St Andrews four-piece Kid Canaveral’s lively guitar pop does the place wonders, serving – if you will – as a sonic feather duster.

Marking the release of their double A-side single ‘Couldn’t Dance/Teenage Fanclub Song’, they demonstrate with a charming playfulness the growing quality of their writing. This does have the effect of leaving their older material sounding like slightly worn first drafts, but the Pavement-like jangle of the second song from the single points to a band growing in stature. There are some moments still slightly rough around the edges, with a forced guitar re-tuning draining some of the momentum they build-up during a medley of ‘tunes you can dance to’, but frontman David MacGregor’s fine line in rambling comedic patter fills the empty space well enough. This combined with Kate Lazda (voice and guitar), and bassist Rose McConnachie’s matching dresses, their unpretentious style should keep winning them new friends.

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