Thing to do for Halloween in Glasgow and Edinburgh: underground tours, horror festivals and ghost hunts

Halloween in Glasgow and Edinburgh: underground tours, horror festivals and ghost hunts

A look at some of the best events to send a shiver down your spine this autumn

Scotland has always done Halloween well; our rich history brings with it morbidity, intrigue and our fair share of grave robbers. While we'll never beat the Americans in terms of all-out obsession, guising, dooking for apples and sacrificial effigies will always have their place come October. We've rounded up the top Halloween events for you to decide which one best suits your level of fearty cat.

The not-so-brave can check out Day of the Dead Glesga (Saint Luke's and the Winged Ox, Glasgow, Sat 28 Oct) letting you live out Dia de los Muertos through theatre, carnival and music til the early hours. Over in Edinburgh, Ghostly Underground (Mercat Tours, Fri 1 Sep– Tue 31 Oct), is a lighthearted daytime tour of the city's vaults, promising not to be too scary.

For the slightly braver, there's Glasgow Horror Fest (Classic Grand, Glasgow, Fri 4 & Sat 5 Nov), a horror convention with a Scottish twist, with cult movies, macabre performance and horror panels, plus a gore drag show. Or join paranormal illusionist Ash Pryce for the magic-themed The Twilight Seance (Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, Fri 27 Oct).

You ain't afraid of no ghost, right? The bravest among you can put your money where your mouth is on an Extreme Paranormal Ghost Tour (City of Edinburgh Tours). Not for the faint-hearted, the tour takes in Edinburgh's most haunted locations both above and below ground. Or head to The Vaults Ghost Hunt (The Vaults, Edinburgh, Fri 17 Nov) where, using traditional methods, you can attempt to make contact with the other side.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Mercat Tours: Ghostly Underground

Daytime tour of Edinburgh's haunted vaults, where you can hear more about mischief-makers, murderers and vagrants.

Mercat Cross, Edinburgh

Tue 18 May

Times to be confirmed / £16 (£14; Children £11) / 01312255445

Wed 19 May

Times to be confirmed / £16 (£14; Children £11) / 01312255445

Thu 20 May

Times to be confirmed / £16 (£14; Children £11) / 01312255445

…and 192 more dates until 28 Nov

Glasgow Horror Festival

Popcorn Horror presents this two-day horror festival featuring a horror market, industry panels, indie screenings, and other attractions.

The Twilight Séance

Ash Pryce leads you in a magic-filled séance.

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