Stanley Tucci set to narrate The Man On The Mountaintop

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  • 2 October 2017
Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci

Hollywood actor Stanley Tucci has swapped working in front of the camera to being behind as he narrates the new audio movie 'The Man On The Mountaintop'

Stanley Tucci is to narrate 'The Man On The Mountaintop'.

The 56-year-old actor has appeared in a string of well-known Hollywood movies, including 'The Devil Wears Prada' alongside Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, but he is now set to narrate the new film by Audible.

'The Man On The Mountaintop' has been adapted from Susan Trott's 1995 text 'The Holy Man', and will explore the life of an elderly, holy man who lives in a hermitage on top of a mountain and is visited by thousands of pilgrims who queue for days to meet him.

Speaking about his upcoming venture, Tucci said: "There's something uniquely compelling about the way this story explores that darker side of human nature, unearthing a compelling truth about mankind in the process."

And the 'Beauty and The Beast' star has likened the tale to Paulo Coelho's international best seller 'The Alchemist' because of its "thought provoking storytelling".

He continued: "Much like Paul Coelho's 'The Alchemist' it blends parable, myth and morality with powerful and thought-provoking storytelling - it's a thoroughly enjoyable listen."

Tucci is joined by Golden Globe and BAFTA-nominated actor Toby Jones, who will voice the holy man, Joe, in the new audio movie, and Audible have praised 'The Man On The Mountaintop' for having a "phenomenal cast".

Laurence Howell, from Audible UK, said: "The tradition of oral storytelling is at the heart of the human experience, and 'The Man On The Mountaintop' brings that tradition vividly to life.

"Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones, alongside a phenomenal cast, have created a profound and reflective audio experience in this inspirational and witty modern-day fable.

"We hope our members enjoy it as much as we do."

Tucci and Jones join an impressive list of performers who have previously been involved with Audible productions, including Emma Thompson, Rosamund Pike, Colin Firth, Thandie Newton, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Stephen Fry.

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