Exposure - Come on Gang!

Come on Gang!

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 10 Jul

‘I’m a nightmare on a train,’ says Sarah Tanat Jones, drummer and lead singer of Come on Gang! ‘I’m that annoying person who can’t help tapping a beat with my feet or hands. Or both.’ She wanted to channel her itchy energy into a pop-punk noise, so teamed up with band members, Mikey Morrison and Trev Courtney after they replied to her ad on the Edinburgh College of Art noticeboard.

‘It’s like a bullet out of a gun once you get started,’ Jones says of the band’s fast growing momentum. They’d written ten songs two months after getting together, and have been shifting up the gears ever since. Now, a year after playing their first gig at ECA to a piddly crowd of 20, they’re releasing their first single, ‘Wheels’, an upbeat, twitchy anthem which sounds like a choir girl wandering into a bedroom full of boys and fuzzy, throbbing guitars. A few days later they’ll be storming T in the Park on the T-Break stage.

It’s the combo of her folky, sweet vocals against a garage-rock squall that has been sucking in fans, and getting the press dribbling with excitement. Between their frantic noise and her kitten soft singing, a lot of energy is burned up onstage. ‘That’s why we picked the name, we liked the retro, Enid Blyton sound to it,’ says Jones. ‘We’re not one of these bands who try to look all laidback and cool. We’re about naïve energy and honest enthusiasm.’

Come On Gang!, Vendor Defender, The Soviets and The Mixups, Sat 18 Oct, Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow.
Action Group, Come on Gang! and HOMEwork, Tue 21 Oct 7:30pm, The Ark, Edinburgh.

Yoshi, Action Group, Patricia Panther and All the Queen's Bovine

Disco, rock and hip-hop sounds from Yoshi, supported by Edinburgh trio Action Group providing hip grooves and funky beats on keys and violin and the eclectic sounds of ATQB.

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