Amber Davies slams sex life

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  • 2 October 2017
Amber Davies

Amber Davies

Amber Davies is frustrated that she and her boyfriend Kem Cetinay barely have sex anymore because he's so busy

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay's sex life has "dramatically dropped" over the past two months.

The 'Love Island' beauty - who met her man while competing in the dating show over the summer - is desperate to get frisky between the sheets again because their bedroom action has turned into a flop since the 20-year-old heartthrob became popular with television executives.

Speaking on Kem and his former housemate Chris Hughes' new show 'Straight Outta Love Island', Amber said: "Our sex life has dramatically dropped.

"We used to have sex every single night in the villa. I want sex."

But Kem is adamant their lack of intimacy is only for a little while as he's busy trying to earn cash.

He joked: "I can't help it that I'm grafting. I'm trying to provide for the family. I'm trying to put food on the table for the kids."

Despite their lack of sex, the pair are very loved up and have started talking about getting married and having kids - despite only getting together three months ago.

Kem said recently: "This is no banter. I can imagine myself having kids and a family with Amber. This is the bird I've made my girlfriend. I am in love, I want to be with her forever."

Amber added: "I found something in someone I didn't know was possible."

But the pair have made the decision not to live with one another - unlike their fellow housemates - for the time being as they're still really young and just want to let their relationship flourish slowly.

Amber, 20, said: "We've spoken about it but I live with my four best friends and I think he needs to live with his best friends first, or by himself, to grow up a little bit.

"We want to last a long time - ideally forever - so we don't want to rush anything. Give it a year or so, then we can discuss."

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