Claude Littner ignores Apprentice candidates

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  • 2 October 2017
Claude Littner

Claude Littner

Claude Littner has admitted he tries to ignore the candidates on 'The Apprentice' because he doesn't want to be accused of favoritism

Claude Littner "ignores" the 'Apprentice' candidates.

The business advisor doesn't want to be seen to be showing favouritism to any of the hopefuls on the show, so even shuns their basic attempts at politeness.

Asked if he gives advice to the contestants, he said: "Never, ever, ever. In fact, I never even speak to the candidates.

"They might say hello to me, but actually I ignore them.

"The reason I ignore them is probably because I'm quite unfriendly. But mainly because I don't want to show favouritism."

However, Claude isn't so rude to fans who stop him for a picture.

He said: "It gives me great satisfaction to be part of a show that's successful.

"I really enjoy it and it's quite nice to be recognised. If people come up and ask me for a selfie, I oblige."

Despite his tough reputation, the 68-year-old businessman insists it's just a persona he's cultivated for the programme.

He told new! magazine: "I'm much scarier [than I seem on the show]... No, on the show I have to develop a persona. In the interviews, I have to be direct and very firm with people because I need to find out whether they are up to the job or their business plan is one that is worth the investment."

Claude replaced Nick Hewer as Lord Alan Sugar's advisor on the show, and the only piece of advice he was handed was to make sure he gets enough sleep.

He said: "The only tip Nick was able to give me as to get a good night's sleep because it can be exhausting. He was right there.

"The candidates get up at four o'clock, which is when I've got to get up as well.

"It's quite different to my normal daily activity."

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