Andrew Garfield wants a rom com

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 October 2017
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield wants to appear in a romantic comedy because it's time to make something "stupid"

Andrew Garfield wants to make a "really f***ing stupid" movie.

The 'Hacksaw Ridge' actor is "ready" to make a romantic comedy and thinks a lighter movie would make a refreshing change for him.

Asked when he will make a rom-com, he said: "I know! Soon. I am ready. I really would love to do something really f***ing stupid."

The 34-year-old star insists his own life would make for a "rubbish" film so he's always happy to take on roles far removed from himself.

He said: "I'm not very interesting. I'd be a rubbish film."

And Andrew went on to defend his diverse range of roles, including as a gay man in stage play 'Angels', paralysed from the neck down in latest film 'Breathe' and being trans in Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' video.

Discussing the controversy over actors taking parts from minorities craving representation, he told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: "It's a really nuanced conversation, bigger than a soundbite.

"But I'll talk about 'Angels'. Tony Kushner wrote it, happens to be a gay man, and asked me to do it.

"Also, I'm an able-bodied actor playing someone in 'Breathe' who is disabled. [The producer] Jonathan Cavendish asked me to play his dad. I can talk to a bunch of people who think I shouldn't play Prior or Robin -- I would like to sit in a room [with them] and have a deep talk about disabled and LGBTQ representation in the arts.

"It's a conversation I want eye to eye. I don't want it in public. It's not constructive. Let's get in a room and talk about it. I mean that sincerely."

In 'Breathe' - which marks Andy Serkis' directorial debut - Andrew did his best to keep his character, Robin, true to how he was in reality and constantly sought out his son Jonathan, who was on set every day, for reassurance.

He said: "He was up for exaggerating parts of the truth. But I always looked to him to make sure it looked like his dad."