Rachel Riley hates the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune

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  • 1 October 2017
Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley hates listening to the 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme tune because it reminds her of how hard it was when she competed on the show in 2013

Rachel Riley is terrified every time she hears the 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme tune.

The 'Countdown' star took part in the contest in 2013 and occasionally longs to get back on the dancefloor, but as soon as she hears the famous song, she remembers how tough it was.

She said: "When a new series of 'Strictly' is on TV, I sometimes think I'd like to do it again. Then I hear the show's music and it scares the life out of me. Putting yourself on display like that is so scary.

"You're opening yourself up to criticism and it can bring out every insecurity in you."

Rachel split from her husband Jamie during her time on the show and went on to find love with her professional partner, Pasha Kovalev, but admits she didn't even think they'd get along very well when she first met the dancer.

She said: "I knew I was going to have to spend a lot of time with this person so the first time we met we were talking about each other's likes and dislikes.

"His favourite music was classical and his favourite type of movies involved zombies. Totally different to me!

"I thought it was going to feel like a really long couple of months with him but that soon changed. On paper, it might not seem like a match. I didn't see myself with a Russian professional dancer who doesn't like football.

"But our chemistry is great and it works."

Though she and Pasha have been together for three years, the 31-year-old presenter insists they are in no rush to marry or have children.

She told Closer magazine: "We're not really bothered about marriage or kids. When it comes, it comes. We're not a very conventional couple."

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