Reverend Richard Coles gets filthy messages from Strictly Come Dancing contestants

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  • 29 September 2017
Richard Coles

Reverend Richard Coles

Reverend Richard Coles has admitted one of his fellow 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestants sends "filthy" text messages on their WhatsApp group

Reverend Richard Coles has revealed one of his 'Strictly Come Dancing' competitors has been bombarding the group chat with "filthy" messages.

The openly gay Church of England priest got over excited when he found out that he and his professional dance partner Dianne Buswell were being added to the Whatsapp group, but was stunned when he kept getting X-rated texts ping through.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper: "All the celebrities and the dancers have formed a 'Strictly' WhatsApp group. But there is one person who likes to post filthy innuendos. I cannot say who it is. I'm good at keeping secrets. There are two WhatsApp groups. The official 'Strictly' one and an unofficial one. That's the naughty one. Do we talk about the judges too? We may occasionally pass comment on them."

The reverend became a fan favourite after dancing the cha cha cha with Dianne last Saturday (23.09.17) but has admitted it's now put even more pressure on him.

He said: "I'm flattered. One Saturday I want to come up through the floor playing 'Lord Of The Dance' on a large cinema organ but I don't think the technology exists."

This week, Richard will be dancing the American Smooth and said they are "telling a story" about a romantic relationship.

He explained: "We're telling a story about a deeply romantic relationship.

"She's an Australian dancer and I'm a country parson - Beauty and the Priest."

Before making his 'Strictly' debut this month, Richard confessed he lied about having the incurable HIV virus for five years because he loved the attention he got.

His deceit started after he got into a heated argument with band mate Jimmy Somerville following a gig in Switzerland, around the time he fell ill with the shingles, and, although his blood results came back as negative, he claimed he was HIV positive because he wanted his friend to "get off his back."

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